It is an exciting time as you found the perfect vehicle at a great price on Agogo Market and you are ready to get on the road. Slow down! There are quite a few things to do before you start cruising so we have put together a list that should help first time buyers glide through the process.

Here are the documents you will need and what to do to get on the road:

Transfer Letter / Bill of Sale:
You will require a letter for both the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) and your insurance agent showing the details of the sale. Download our fillable template Transfer Letter / Certificate that you can provide to the seller for signing if they do not have their own template.

Ensure the seller completes the form with all of the required details and that any individuals that are on the existing title of the car sign the certificate of transfer.

Make a minimum of (3) copies of the completed certificate and valuation plus keep the originals for your records.

Get a copy of the Valuation received by the seller or yourself. You will need this for insurance.

New Vehicle Registration form:
This form can be obtained at the BRA’s Pine, Wildey office at the same time as getting your Weight Certificate. Complete this form before you go in to register your vehicle with the Licensing Authority.

Weight Certificate:
Obtain Weight Certificate from the BRA’s Pine office. The cost is $25 BDS. Make sure the tank is full, spare tire in place and you have your Transfer Letter / Bill of Sale. Don’t forget to collect your New Vehicle Registration Form.

Road Worthy Document (if needed):
Check with your insurance company whether you need a Road Worthy Document (usually only for cars older than 10 years). Your insurance company will recommend affiliated garages.

Get a Cover Note or Insurance Certificate from your Insurance Agency:
By phone/e-mail or in person you will need to provide Valuation, Drivers License and Transfer Certificate in order to get a Cover Note. If the vehicle you’ve purchased has been insured with this company before, they may provide you with a full Insurance Certificate right away.

Register Your Vehicle with the Licensing Authority:
Take in your Weight Certificate, Insurance Cover Note, Transfer Letter and New Vehicle Registration form. The cost will be $401 BDS to receive a road tax Registration Card.

Insurance Certificate (if not already obtained):
If you received a Cover Note from your insurance agency, take the Road Tax Disk to the insurance company and you will receive your Insurance Certificate.

Road Tax Registration Card:
Keep Registration Card in your vehicle for inspection by a police or MTW officer.

So that’s it. Now you are ready to get on the road and enjoy your new vehicle. We hope you found this information useful. Safe driving!