Simple guide to register a car in Barbados.

It is an exciting time as you found the perfect vehicle at a great price on Agogo Market and you are ready to get on the road. (If you haven’t found a car yet, check all used cars for sale on Agogo, and our previous blog post on “Buying a Used Car in Barbados.”)

There are quite a few things to do before you start cruising so we have put together a guide to registering a used car in Barbados.

Here’s a quick outline of the steps to complete the registration process

Get your Registration Application Form from the Barbados Revenue Authority website here.

  1. Contact your insurance company and complete their application for insurance form
  2. Pay for the weight certificate at the Barbados Revenue Authority payment section
  3. Weigh your vehicle at the weighbridge to get certificate
  4. Get an inspection/roadworthy test (necessary for cars over 10 years old)
  5. Register either online with Barbados Revenue Authority and receive your official receipt
  6. Collect your registration sticker from insurance company

Make sure you travel with the following documents:

  1. Driver’s license  
  2. National ID card
  3. Proof of address
  4. Transfer Letter/ Bill of Sale
    • Download our fillable template Transfer Letter / Certificate that you can provide to the seller for signing if they do not have their own template.
    • Ensure the seller completes the form with all of the required details and that any individuals that are on the existing title of the car sign the certificate of transfer.
    • Make a minimum of (3) copies of the completed certificate and valuation plus keep the originals for your records.
    • Address to the Chief Licensing Officer, Barbados Licensing Authority
  5. Car Valuation– necessary for Insurance Company


1.Get Insurance

Contact your insurance agent to fill out an application form for your insurance coverage. Some companies will require you to go in while others you may be able to do by phone/email.

You will need your Driver’s License, Photo Identification, Contact Information, Proof of Address as well as relevant information on the coverage you’re looking to apply for. Requirements may differ across the companies so be sure to call ahead for the required documents.

Ask if your vehicle needs a Roadworthy Certificate. (Typically for vehicles over 10 years old)


2. Pay for your Weight Certificate at the Barbados Revenue Authority Payment Section

Go to the BRA Payment Section to pay for your weight certificate. 

Please note: The payment section in the Pine location has moved to Warren’s Tower II (ground floor). You can pay at Warrens or Holetown branches before going to Pine location for the weight certificate.  

The Weight Certificate is $25 BDS.


3. Go to the Weighbridge at Pine Location

Head over to the weighbridge at the Pine location to get your vehicle weighed and receive your weight certificate. 

Make sure you have a full tank of gas for the weighing of your vehicle. (On some occasions a half tank is acceptable but don’t bank on it).


4. Get an Inspection/Roadworthy Test

If your car is more than 10 years old you will require a roadworthy inspection. There are several locations to choose from:

Here is a list of locations and contact information of businesses that can conduct the inspection.

5. Secure Insurance Cover Note

By phone/e-mail or in person you will need to have your Car Valuation, Weight Certificate, Driver’s License and Transfer Certificate in order to get a Cover Note.

If the vehicle you’ve purchased has been insured with this company before, they may provide you with a full Insurance Certificate right away.


6. Register Your Vehicle

Now it is time to complete your registration form. 

Make sure you have your Weight Certificate, Insurance Cover Note, Transfer Letter and Relevant Vehicle Information on hand. 

Head over to to start your application form. Be sure to fill out each section and use the “Review Checklist” to confirm your information.

You will receive a unique identifier which will allow you to track your application process and will be sent an email with instructions on payment options. SurePay online is also an option, where they will send your confirmation of payment directly.

The cost will be $401 BDS to receive your Road Tax Registration Card.

On payment, the Barbados Revenue Authority will email your official receipt that you may present at the Licensing Authority  to complete the process.


7. Collect & Apply Your Registration Sticker

Be sure to contact your Insurance Company to receive your Registration sticker to be placed on your license plate on the upper right hand corner

This can be mailed to you or you can choose to visit your Insurance Company to pick it up.