Buying a vehicle can be a huge investment. Let’s look at how we can help you make this process easy and hassle free. It is important that you protect your investment by doing your due diligence so you don’t have problems down the road so we have compiled some tips to help. The more information you have is better for you to make the decision on if that is the right vehicle for you and the price you should pay.

1. Set A Budget And Any Other Must-have Criteria To Narrow Your Search.
You can use Agogo’s search filters on the left to find all the cars that match your needs.

2. Enquire About The History Of The Vehicle, Maintenance Routine, And Reason For Sale.
We recommend using Agogo’s safe and secure messaging system or calling the seller directly to review your questions.

3. Set Up A Time To See The Vehicle.
Meet in a public place and/or take a friend when you go to view a vehicle. Never test drive on your own.

4. Check Mileage, Chassis Number And Engine Number.
To do all checks on the car, these numbers will be helpful to determine the value of the car and whether it has ever been reported stolen.

5. Get The Advice Of A Mechanic And Valuator.
Before you agree to buy the car, have your own mechanic check it thoroughly. If you don’t have a mechanic, view mechanics in Barbados listed on Agogo. You can also have it independently valued.

6. Check The Interior Functions like Window Controls And Sun Roof.
Take your time to sit in all the seats and look around the vehicle. Check all manual and electric functions.

7. Test Drive.
We do not recommend test driving on your own with the owner. Check out our tips for buying and selling safely.

8. Check On Insurance Costs.
You may have already inquired about insurance for particular makes and models before narrowing your search. If not, get an insurance quote.

9. Negotiate The Price.
Based on the valuation you have received and the sellers asking price you may wish to negotiate.

10. Coordinate Payment.
You may need to arrange financing. For this, you will require a letter of intent to buy/sell signed by both you and the seller. If you are paying in cash, we recommend you make exchange at the bank for security.

11. Get Transfer Letter/Certificate and Receipt from Seller.
We’ve created a handy template that includes all of the sale details and transfer of purchase price. Download it here to provide to your seller if needed.

12. Leave A Review.
Please take time to leave a review on Agogo. If you haven’t already sent a message to the seller using our safe and secure messaging system, send a little “hello” and that will allow you to leave a review. Reviews are public and cannot be changed once you submit. Please ensure your feedback is fair, constructive and respectful.

Great! Now that you have purchased your car, check out our Guide to Registering and Insuring a Private Used Car in Barbados.