Good pictures help your item to sell. Unless you are selling a new item in the box and have access to the manufacturer’s pictures you will need to take your own to add to your listing. Here are 6 tips to make your pictures look amazing.

1. Make It Shine
Take a moment to clean your item so it looks its best for prospective buyers.

2. Clear The Background
Choose a place to take your pictures with an uncluttered background so your item stands out. For smaller items, a plain wall or table/countertop work well, you could also use a solid coloured sheet.

3. Light It Up
Place items close to a bright window for the best pictures. Alternatively, you can use a light, lamp or flash. Do not take pictures with your camera facing into the light as your items will appear dark as your camera tries to adjust the exposure automatically.

4. The Right Tool
Most smartphones have a high quality camera with variable settings and editing capabilities. If not, you can use a DSLR to take your pictures. Please do not use any colour filters or special effects in editing.

5. Clean Your Lens
Whatever camera you choose to use, give your lens a quick wipe before you get started. This ensures the image is as clear as possible.

6. Take Several Pictures
Always shoot a few images from different angles. The more options a potential buyer sees, the more comfortable they will feel that your item is in great condition.   When selling used items, it is important to show all sides and any slight damage or wear and tear the buyer should be aware of.

The recommended size for images is 1200×800 pixels at 72dpi.