If your device has been used it contains highly personal data like your banking info, passwords, correspondence, images and more. Before you get rid of your device it is important you spend the time to protect yourself by removing sensitive information.

Here is our list of some of the ways you can protect yourself and clean your device of valuable personal data. Please be aware that is a preliminary list and different manufacturers and models may have special requirements. Expert hackers still have sophisticated ways of getting around some safeguards.

1. Physically clean your device
2. Back up your information
3. Download a data cleaning App
4. Unpair any device you have attached your phone like an iWatch
5. Log out of all accounts like Google, Facebook etc.
6. Delete all saved passwords in your browsers
7. Remove the SIM card
8. On Apple log out of Apple ID, Apple Pay, iCloud, Find My Device, and iMessage
9. On Android deactivate factory reset protection (FRP)
10. Reset the phone to factory settings
11. Disable the password

N.B This is just a list of basic recommendations. Your device and the manufacture may have proprietary processes and/or software to assist with removing data. Agogo Market is not responsible for any material lost or stolen during the process above.