Ever feel like you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? It’s probably time for a closet cleanse and a bit of a wardrobe edit.

There are lots of benefits to giving your closet an overhaul:

  • You look and feel better with great clothes that fit and flatter
  • You can get dressed faster
  • Your clothes have more breathing room in your closet and stay in better shape

Read on for our 6 Steps To An Organized Closet.

how to clean out your clothes closet

6 Steps to an Organized Closet

You’ve probably read a lot about Marie Kondo and her decluttering and organizing techniques. She recommends to tackle your closet first to hone your decision making skills. What to keep and what to recycle, donate or sell.

We’ve taken her “does it spark joy” question and broken it down into an easy way to make decisions on what to keep and what to let go. While she recommends to do it all in one shot, you might want to tackle a few categories at a time until you’ve gone through all of your clothes. Then do a final sort.

  1. Gather up everything in one category (think shirts, bottoms, underwear, shoes etc.)
  2. Go through each item and use the guiding questions to decide what to recycle, donate or sell.

    Q1. Is it worn out of damaged? Yes – Recycle.
    Q2. Does it fit? If its more than 2 sizes too big or too small – Sell/Donate. If its close to fitting – keep it temporarily. Box those items up and keep them for 6 months to a year before re-evaluating. Write a date on the box so you don’t forget.
    Q3. Does it flatter your body type or can it be altered to fit better? If no, Sell/Donate.
    Q4. Does the colour flatter your complexion? No – Sell/Donate.
  3. Once you’ve worked your way through all of the categories, you will do a final sort to see which items work together to create outfits.

    Q5. Can you create several outfits with the item? Yes – then definitely keep! If not, search for inspiration and outfit ideas that include a similar item of clothing. Recreate the outfit with things you have or make a specific shopping list for when budget allows.
  4. Drop off your donations and recycling. Store away any clothes you are keeping temporarily and arrange for any alterations to be done.
  5. Re-Organize Your Closet. We recommend sorting by item type and colour if you want to be really fancy. Consider upgrading your hangers or using similarly shaped hangers together and learning how to fold like Marie Kondo.
  6. Make your shopping list to create as many complete outfits as possible by combining new items with your existing wardrobe. Have fun!

And there you have it. An organized closet and a fabulous wardrobe filled with outfits that fit and flatter and bring you joy.