About Us
*Winner of the Small Business Association 2017 Sectoral Award for Best Professional Services.* Southpaw Grafix Inc. is a creative and connected design firm specializing in working with entrepreneurs and start-ups. We take pride in providing excellent, personalized service to our customers. Our specialty is creating unique and imaginative solutions to marketing and design problems, especially for new business ventures, or those seeking a new approach. "If you cannot do something yourself, the next best thing is to know someone who can." From traditional print media to website design and new media to electronic signage and vehicle graphics, Southpaw Grafix and its associated resources can handle all your design and marketing requirements. Mission Statement: We are an innovative and imaginative design and marketing company. We provide or broker a wide range of services to SME's: entrepreneurs, startups and re-starts. Our superlative customer service, intimate knowledge of the small business universe and our wide network of reliable suppliers set us apart. We embrace a culture of excellence, driven by ongoing learning and improvement.