Make your next event memorable with our Smiley Self Serve!

Our self serve allows each patron to make their own snow cones, yes, make their own. One flavor, two flavors or a combination of all flavors, the self-serve dispenses six (6) out of 10 of our flavors that are readily available made fresh for each event. This makes party celebrations easy, clean, safe and enjoyable. 

Let’s go over the top! In additional to the conventional sweetened condensed milk topping, Smiley Sno Cones also offers vanilla, chocolate and caramel toppings. Simply delectable!!

Eating snow cones from our new kid-friendly cups adds to the experience. With bright colors in 4 colors, these cups stand well on their own, great for toddlers and minimizes spills and accidents. 

Smiley Sno Cones at your next event guarantees you and your guests a memorable moment. Contact us now!