Have the following but low engagement?

Too busy with business decisions to engage with your loyal customers?

Need a few hours back?

Your business has been active and survived through a pandemic, ashfall, inflated gas prices and so much more. There is clearly a lot of work that comes with surviving. 

Typing up a witty post for engagement has to be the last thing on your list of priorities.

Time isn’t your friend. 

So many tasks to do in a day it is borderline impossible to do everything yourself.

As a business person, how can I connect with my customers and improve my brand awareness but still manage my important business tasks? 

Where can I get back a few hours to reinvest into my business, look for new opportunities, or even spend time with my family?

Our copywriting service provides the solution. 

Don’t ever stress that you have to type up that new blog post to drive traffic, find the right words on your social media post, write up that eye-catching email that gets customers to buy a new product.

We take on all of the tedious tasks from copywriting for content with engaging call to action, SEO-driven blog posts while staying on brand.

We will take you from “Buy my product” content to “Here’s the value of my product”. 

Keys to Copywriting for Businesses-

Know who you are talking to. 

Analyze your perfect customer and design your copywriting to their wants, their needs, and address their pain points.

Engage with your customers with interesting call-to-actions and content that provides value. 

Create your email list to interact with your customers and provide value. 

Present special offers or updates on new products and content

Take back your hours with ensured copywriting services that 

  • Stay on brand, 
  • Seek to provide value first, 
  • Engage with call-to-actions and responses, 
  • Create copy structured to lead customers to a value plus lead magnet offer and email list

Now, this is a lot of information to take in so we are offering for the month of July, a free consultation when you contact us.

This consultation will: 

  1. Explain the value of copywriting, 
  2. Show how it can help your business, 
  3. Detail how to create a customer journey
  4. Suggest where you can start with our packages

A consultation fee will be charged after the month of July.

Our packages cover content for blog posts, social media content, or emails. 

Schedule a consultation before the end of July and receive a 10% discount on your package for the month.

All of our blog posts meet basic SEO standings to help rank on Google with relevant research and images.

Contact us for your free consultation before this opportunity expires!

*Note– Our services do not include the design of the social media graphics however we can create a starter template for a fee. 

We highly suggest you hire professionals to handle the design. 

We can also recommend you designers but we do not control their rate.